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De-Stress Your Mind, Body & Spirit

September 2, 2018

DeStress Your Mind Body and SpiritIn order to understand the experience of stress, we need to consider what type of beings we are. We are water beings. Many people have heard the statistic that our physical bodies are between 65-75% water, but that estimate is by weight. When we compute the number of molecules in our bodies, it is closer to 90% water. Some examples of this: 83% of your blood, 90% of your brain, 90% of your nerves, and 99% of the cerebrospinal fluid (which surrounds your brain and spinal cord) is water. This proportion changes over the course of one’s lifetime. It is estimated that newborn babies are about 90% water, whereas many people’s bodies, at the time of death, are only about 50% water. Why would that change in that way?

Not all water is alike. We’re not talking about the usual distinctions that can be made in water, like the pH level (acidity-alkalinity), the mineral content, and its purity. These are all important factors to consider. But there’s something about water in nature which makes it very different from almost all of the water which the majority of people around the world are drinking, and that is something we call its “structure.” This is simple to see, in fact it is evident in every snowflake: a hexagonal (6-sided) geometry which is based on the individual water molecule’s molecular geometry. That is actually the way that water is in nature. And that is the way it needs to be in your body as well, for the body to function in a state of health and well-being.

Yet, most “drinkable” water – whether from municipal supplies or from bottled sources – is UNSTRUCTURED. What this means is that the naturally-occurring hexagonal structure has disintegrated, as a result of the way we process water. Our modern water processing technology causes water to lose its natural structure. This presents a real problem for the body, for the body is expecting the water it is given to be in its “natural” state – of course! Our physical bodies are a part of nature. Yet most people, for their whole lives, are drinking “unnatural” unstructured water, and that is a constant source of stress for the body on a cellular level.

In order for the body to use unstructured water, it must first re-structure it, using its own energy and resources to do this. It was never meant to be that way in nature, for in nature, water is naturally structured. That means that drinking unstructured water drains your body’s energy reserves, and makes it more difficult for the body to use the water it is given. It also makes it more difficult for the body to de-tox itself on a cellular level, for it requires natural, structured water to do that. Every cell stays healthy by taking in nutrients and expelling toxins. This is basic cellular function. And water is the carrier for both nutrients and toxins. When there is insufficient structured water in the blood and inter-cellular fluid, then cells cannot take in all that they need for nutrients, and they also cannot release all the built-up toxins they are holding. This decreases the life of the cell, and this process cascades up to higher and higher levels, causing organ dysfunction, disease, and eventually death.

The Experience of Stress

How do most people experience stress? Since we are multi-dimensional beings (body, mind & spirit) we need to consider the experience of stress in each of these dimensions.

Physical Stress

On the physical level, stress is experienced by excessive activity without sufficient periods of rest (physical exhaustion), and extremes such as temperature, pressure, physical alignment, and so on. On a physical level, stress is also experienced as your biowater being out of alignment with the natural world. In nature all water is connected. There are no artificial distinctions made between the water here and the water there – it is all one water. Just as it is with the air. Pollution here means pollution there, and we all know this. Why is it that most people, when they go on vacation or want to rest, relax and rejuvenate themselves, go to someplace near or in nature, and preferably near water? Could it be that doing so brings your biowater back into alignment with the natural world and the water in nature (where the water is naturally structured)? Being in nature is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, in part because it supports the re-structuring of your biowater in healthy ways.

Mental Stress

Mentally, the experience of what we call “stress” is based in the belief – conscious or unconscious – of some kind of LACK. Lack of time, energy, money, love, connection, health, support, resources, etc. Everyone has a pretty good list of what they believe are the real “lacks” in their lives. Where there is a belief in LACK, there is the experience of stress in the mind, for one then believes that in order to remove the lack, you have to work hard, struggle, defend yourself, get what you don’t have to fill up the “hole” of lack, and in other words battle against a cruel, heartless, unforgiving world. Remember we’re talking about the psyche here, which is much more than what is in the conscious mind. De-stressing on a mental level involves focusing on space in the mind, rather than the focus on “what is not,” the future, the past, and lack. Notice how these focuses create the experience of compression, whereas focusing on space creates the experience of ease and relaxation.

Emotional Stress

In the emotional realm, stress is the experience of compression, which can be translated as “negative” feelings, anger, frustration, separation, guilt, sadness, wrong, and so on. All the emotions which are considered “negative” are different forms of emotional compression, where the energy of what we call emotion is not allowed to move freely. This experience is greatly affected by what one holds in one’s mind. Yet the emotional part of self is not the same as the mind, and has its own way of functioning. Holding a focus of ease, space and flow in one’s mind helps to de-stress on the emotional level.

The famous Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, showed that water responds to human intention in the form of thoughts, words, feelings, prayers, and other forms of expression. He demonstrated this by using samples of unstructured water in plain, straight-sided glass jars, and putting words on pieces of paper taped to the outside of the jar. Overnight, the water re-structured itself into various different shapes, depending on the word on the paper. Words such as “neighborly love,” “wisdom” and “happy” created beautiful, hexagonal shapes in the water. Other words, like “hate,” “grief,” and “blasphemy” created distorted, ugly and terrible shapes in the water.

This tells us that what we think, feel, say and do has a direct impact – both seen and unseen – on our own “water.” The water in your body, what we can call your “biowater,” needs to be structured for optimal health and well-being. When we consider Dr. Emoto’s work, we can see that our own inner and outer environments have an effect on our health through the impact on our biowater. Beautiful, hexagonally-structured water is healthy water for the body and the soul.

So one of your best strategies for de-stressing your life is to focus on creating more alignment with your body and nature. And the easiest way to do this is to make sure that the water you take in is structured, the way it is in nature. This makes everything easier on a cellular level. Then you can focus on changing your mental and emotional habits of focus to what IS, and let go of the toxic mental thoughts and emotional feelings which have been so much a part of the daily grind. It’s all up to you and what you choose for yourself. And that’s a happy thought!

Halsey Snow & Patricia Marston-Snow are partners and co-owners of Golden Ratio Products, and The Vywamus Foundation, both located in Windham, Maine. @vywamusfoundation Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

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