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EFT Tapping Bears, Oh My!

May 4, 2017

EFT Tapping Bears, Oh MyOne of my long-standing EFT Tapping clients, Gina, called me recently to share a story about her 6-year old daughter, Lily, and to ask me if I thought Tapping could help.

Lily is deathly afraid of bugs. Spring is here, with summer right around the corner, and her Mom was dreading the hysteria that the upcoming “bug seasons” would surely bring.

I thought, “I have just the thing, Tapper the Bear!” (Tapper has buttons that represent all of the EFT Tapping points.) I loaned Tapper to Gina, along with a suggested Tapping script, to see if my theory would work.

Gina had tried many times to convince Lily that EFT Tapping could help with her fear of bugs, but Lily was always too busy to listen. As her guest passenger, Gina buckled Tapper into the back seat of the car and went off to pick up Lily from school. When Lily saw Tapper, she was excited but had many questions about all of Tappers buttons.

“Mommy, is this cute bear for me? Why does he have buttons on his head and his face? And look, there’s one under his arm!” said Lily. She was delighted to have a new friend on the ride home from school but had no idea what kind of magic Tapper held in store for her.

As soon as they arrived home, Lily bounded out of the car holding Tapper tightly in her arms and began running into the house to play. On the way, she saw a bug! Everything went flying including Tapper!

Gina was close enough to catch Tapper and said to Lily, “You know what? Tapper is afraid of bugs too! Maybe we can help Tapper by using his magic buttons and he won’t be so scared.” Lily took Tapper into her arms and hugged him to make him feel better.

“Tapper is afraid of bugs too?” Lily asked.

“Yes, he is. Can you help me make Tapper feel better? All you have to do is tap on his magic buttons and say, I’m so scared of bugs. I’m so scared of bugs.”

Lily tapped on all of Tappers buttons over and over repeating ‘I’m so scared of bugs’ until she looked up at her Mom with a smile and said, “Tappers done, Mommy. He’s not scared of bugs anymore. “ She gently sat Tapper in a chair and went back outside to play.

Gina wasn’t sure what to think. She had no idea what she was about to witness, as she watched Lily playing in the yard. Suddenly every muscle in Gina’s body started to tense up as she saw a bug flying straight toward Lily. buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

It was as if Lily didn’t even see the bug; she had no reaction at all. She wasn’t the least bit bothered by the bug as it flew by!

Gina was astounded and couldn’t wait to call me with the good news. I must say, that was a wonderful follow up phone call to hear how well EFT Tapping worked to eliminate Lily’s fear of bugs, in such a short time.

How did it work? Tapper the Bear allowed Lily to detach from her own fear of bugs. As Lily gave the fear a voice, ‘I’m so scared of bugs’ and tapped on the buttons, she was releasing her own fear. In Lily’s mind, the fear belonged to Tapper, not her. Tapping the bear’s buttons had the same effect as if Lily had been tapping her own body’s meridian points.

Lily’s visit with Tapper the Bear had come to an end and so too had her fear of bugs.

Tapper the Bear makes EFT Tapping comfortably engaging for children, teens or adults. Every situation is unique and so are you. We all share the ability to benefit from EFT Tapping.

Karen St.Clair, AAMET Certified EFT Practitioner is a highly skilled professional with a true gift for facilitating her clients’ healing outcomes. She specializes in thorough energy clearing using EFT Tapping and is the founder of Reiki Tap Renewal℠, a modality that combines the energy psychology of EFT and the healing energy of Reiki. To book an EFT or Reiki appointment call: 207-878-8315. To learn more, visit:

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