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Gifts of the Spirit: Enlightenment Transmission Rediscovered

June 29, 2018

Gifts of the Spirit Enlightenment Transmission RediscoveredThe Existential Quest Begins: I was born into a time of great fear, an unrelenting news stream of wars, famine, epidemics, terrorism, economic doom, and the threat of nuclear holocaust. I yearned for certainty and world peace.

My spiritual quest began at the age of five when I discovered yoga. Yoga allowed me to question my own identity and experience of reality. Whilst my friends were playing “doctors and nurses,” I practiced detachment. I read about how the “material world” could never make me happy and that, if I were to jump off the Wheel of Life and Death and never reincarnate again, I had to greatly suffer in order to transcend suffering.

Later on, I renounced all pleasures of the flesh and lived an austere life, temporarily leaving school to join an ashram at the age of 17. And yet, instead of trying to transcend the world, I found myself praying for it. I still had only one goal, Enlightenment, and though I didn’t know exactly what it was, I was confident I would know it when I found it.

My practices wobbled a bit in my teens, when I noticed that, despite long hours on my golden cushion meditation, world peace had not arrived. Mixing some offbeat Christianity with some left-hand path Hinduism, I concluded that, to truly renounce my own desires and be simultaneously loving, I should be ready to make love to anyone who wanted deep intimacy. I never acted on this idea. I never took drugs either, since that would have only messed with my brain cells and reduced my chances of getting Enlightened.

I suppose you could call me a “confused seeker.” Others certainly did, and I agreed. I followed a diverse smorgasbord of eclectic spiritual teachings that made no sense. I was never the most knowledgeable student or committed devotee. I had no special powers or gifts. I only had the ability to get things wrong. My only hope was that Jesus was correct when He said “The last shall be the first.”

By the age of 30, I was a trained psychologist, body worker, and computer scientist who dabbled in stand-up comedy. I had sought, tried, tested, and explored almost every available spiritual group and teaching in the neighborhood. And yet I was still unenlightened. I started to wonder if Enlightenment actually existed or if it was just a word, like “Christmas” or “Heaven.”

The Transformation Happens

Then, on June 19th, 2000 at 5am, I awoke to discover that I was not the same “person.” I could not recall what the experience of being “me” had ever been like. I was stunned, amazed, disorientated, and euphoric. I was lost for words and feeling tickled all over. I had no idea what had happened to me but I was extremely impressed and very curious.

I invited gurus, psychologists and spiritual seekers to assess, explore, test and experience what I could only term as “Enlightenment.” Over time, I was branded as a “spiritual teacher,” something I never wanted to be and still don’t, for good reasons. Remarkably, people who contacted me started to have similar experiences to my own. I had been told that lifetimes of austere practices were required to become Enlightened. And yet now, without doing anything special, people were having direct and immediate experiences of “Enlightenment,” sometimes within seconds of meeting me.

For these people, as it was for me, the world became extraordinarily beautiful and vivid. They became unselfconscious. They directly experienced life, unmediated by mental concepts. They felt their body and the energies that move within it. They perceived auras, lights, and other phenomena. All of this happened without any suggestion or reference to these phenomena. I didn’t even need to do anything, I just had to show up.

Simply being established in this expanded reality could cause someone else, under the right conditions, to notice it too.

What Actually Happened?

I have been trying to understand what happened to me for 18 years. My current understanding is that Enlightenment is not something I did but something that was done to me by what I call the Enlightenment Transmission. I am not “doing” my breathing. I am not causing my life, but I can choose to participate or try to resist it. When I became Enlightened, I finally gave up trying and resisting.

I now see the Enlightenment Transmission as the glue of existence. I understand that human souls are not separate but fractions of one soul-body; that we are made from the same soul material as our ancestors and our offspring, and that when the Enlightenment Transmission fully flows through a person, they receive sufficient energy, awareness and self-understanding to know who they are.

The Enlightenment Transmission is love. I do this because of love and because I am “in love.” Like love, enlightenment is not for the individual, it is for the whole. Like love, it is not the goal or aim of life. It’s supposed to be what we are born into. In the same way, enlightenment should happen for everyone. For the human race to survive and thrive, it should happen very soon.

If enlightenment is a journey, it is a journey of zero-distance, a journey which the whole of humanity will eventually take. The journey starts before we are born, in a non-physical space, knowing only love and unity. Entering a world of pain, suffering and trauma, a new identity comes into temporary existence, a fictitious self which makes giving or receiving love virtually impossible. And yet all the while, we yearn for love.

The first, true self is borne of consciousness; the second, fictional self is borne of the mind. The True Self can never die. The False Identity dies countless times every day but is constantly regenerated from memories residing inside our bodies. In rare moments, when the False Identity goes off-line for more than a few seconds, we start to have expansive experiences of love and joy.

When we scratch beneath the surface, reality is infinitely more interesting than any fiction.

How the Enlightenment Transmission Works

I am not offering a teaching about how to get Enlightened but a connection to something that can get you Enlightened. I prefer to communicate in plain English and avoid culturally loaded words and jargon. Borrowed words always come with prior associations, so I try to avoid terms like spiritual teacher, guru, spiritual path, God, and karma, words that cause confusion and risk misunderstanding.

Enlightenment was not what I expected. I discovered that it is never far away, does not require special techniques or practices to attain, and is not a transcendental reward for good behavior. We are born Enlightened and then we lose it; but, like paradise, it is our destiny to someday regain it. How could it not be? Enlightenment is simply the ability to know and be our True Self and to see that True Self in others.

An Enlightened person should not be put on a pedestal. Everyone should be seen for what they are. Seekers need help (which is not the same as indulgence) with a variety of needs, fears, fantasies and misunderstandings, and with whatever interferes with their ability to transparently relate to, feel, and perceive reality.

Relaxation is key to realizing our true nature. People who meet me become very relaxed, energized, alert, and aware. Stiff postures, controlled behavior, unnatural concentration, false detachment and conceptual-cramming are all counter-productive. We have to lose our old conditioned ways of learning and start having fun.

The Enlightenment Transmission belongs to everyone and exists everywhere. Anyone who has a certain amount of Enlightenment Transmission flowing through them can catalyze awakening. Awakening is simply opening up to realize something that is true. Enlightenment Transmission is the spiritual energy that unites the soul of humanity. When everyone awakens to the Enlightenment Transmission flowing through them, humanity will fully awaken. On that day, we will begin an unprecedented era of peace, love, and harmony.

This might seem like a fiction. In fact, it is the only reality.

Experience the Enlightenment Transmission and meet Dave Oshana on Wednesday September 26th at the Quaker Meeting House, 1837 Forest Ave, Portland. ME 04103. Arrive 6:45pm for a 7pm start. Free entry. 7 days of Enlightenment Transmission Intensives follow from September 29th to October 5th (Mid-coast, Maine). Phone: 1-207-233-6846 Email: Website:

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