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Go Ahead: Imagine

June 29, 2018

Go Ahead ImagineThere are two ideas that I have found to be most valuable in my practice: one is to see every client as perfect, whole, and complete no matter what they are experiencing and the other is one of the tenets of Craniosacral therapy: that every person’s inner wisdom knows what it needs to heal; that the practitioner holds a space for that to happen. I remind myself of these two pieces of wisdom when I am working. I truly believe it is helpful. Sometimes I can feel a person’s tissue change in my hands as I imagine it letting go, loosening, releasing. When I ask for healing light to flood someone’s being, it does. This opens a space for pain to show itself at its root cause and for it to be healed if it is time. We all have this amazing capacity. Our resistance to actually feeling the pain (physical and emotional) is often what’s in the way. When we give in to it, we may initially feel worse but when we are willing to really go with it; we are able to release it. We can do this healing for ourselves in this way, however, I have found that for persistent pain or resistance, I need some help. I need someone else to hold space for me while I allow the issue to surface. I need someone else to believe that I am already healed, whole and complete when I am in fear.

Most of my clients know that I like to receive treatments on a regular basis. I need work done so that I can feel good; so that I can be present for others. I love having Massage, Reiki, Acupuncture, Chiropractic care, Polarity Therapy and Craniosacral work done. That means that I spend a fair amount of time on treatment tables. There is always something that needs my attention and I find that the time spent on a table helps me to tune in to what it really is. The work I receive is holistic; because I believe that dis-ease or stress is not isolated to any one level of a person’s being. I trust the divine wisdom of my body and I allow skilled practitioners to guide me to a place of awareness and relief. When I allow myself to be healed and to be the healer, I have a greater capacity to hold that space for others.

Often, I hear people say, “I’m getting old”, and “I am falling apart” when they experience pain and illness. I hear this from people of all ages. I re-frame those statements for myself. I truly believe that whatever issues I encounter (back pain, jaw pain, hip pain, neck and joint stiffness, depression, anxiety) aren’t showing up because I am getting older; they are there to help me to see that I need to do something differently; it is an opportunity to peel away another layer of something I don’t need to hang on to anymore: a belief, a painful memory, a structural pattern and more than likely, some residue of not feeling like I am good enough. I am ready to tell a different story; ready to experience my life from a different point of view. I don’t intend to imagine that getting older means that I will be in increasingly more pain. I want to let that stuff go as it comes up, don’t you?

It is time to imagine something different for ourselves. It is amazing what light can do for our bodies; breath is light. When we direct our breath towards our pain, we begin a transformation process. Healing happens when we let go of resistance. Before that can happen, we have to acknowledge that we have pain, or fear, or both. When we feel it, we can heal it. When we bury it, (by stuffing it, soldiering on, pretending, and drowning it in food, booze, drugs or medication) it comes back in some other form- yes, often as we age, but only because we didn’t clear it up when it first appeared when we were younger. Only because we did what everyone else seemed to be doing; ignoring the truth of our being and forging ahead; pretending that our feelings don’t matter.

So, imagine what it would be like if you no longer made decisions, plans and relationships that were all based on the lie of some old wound that hadn’t healed? What if I no longer believe that I am not good enough? This is a question for us all. What if we stopped believing that there is not enough here for us? What if we imagine into being a world where we can all have our needs met? We must imagine it first. Where you begin is with the first protest (resistance) thought you have to this idea. That is your old wound talking. The dialog with that hurt might begin with, “How long have I held that belief? and then, “What do I need in order to let this go?” The issues are held in your tissues and the healing response is held there too. Our precious bodies are intertwined with our precious spirits. Let’s pay attention to what they have to tell us. Let’s imagine that we can find peace, growth, and wholeness within; that we are perfect, whole and complete.

Elizabeth Jackson LMT, RMT is a licensed professional Massage Therapist and Energy Worker who enjoys assisting others to achieve their own aspects of well-being through body and energy work. She owns and operates the Center for Balanced Living and Body & Soul Health Solutions offering Massage Therapy, Reiki sessions, Craniosacral Therapy, Tarot Readings and EFT sessions. She also facilitates regular Reiki Shares, group meditations and workshops in Self-Care Health Care. Check out Elizabeth’s practice: Body & Soul Health Solutions on Facebook or at: and

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