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Holistic Options for Pregnancy

January 10, 2017

Holistic Options for PregnancyMany women go into pregnancy not knowing a lot about it and having a lot of questions so they search the web and ask friends, family, midwives or doctors; and then end up having more questions!

One of the things that comes up, for some women, is a breech presentation for their baby before delivery. This means that instead of having the baby head down for delivery, they are head up, which can lead to a c-section or complications in labor/delivery. Many families would like to avoid a c-section because it is abdominal surgery and having to recover from surgery and care for a newborn can be a challenge.

Birth is a natural process that our bodies have been performing for thousands of years, only in recent years have we moved into a hospital model for birth, which is wonderful for complications but can be stressful for a healthy labor and delivery.

It is helpful to know there are other options; a home birth, with or without the assistance of a midwife is available or choosing a birth center, which is between a hospital and a home birth, can be a great choice. Families choose what is right for them and their babies.

Here is a list of things that have helped women in the past to have their babies in the optimal position for birth and therefore avoid unnecessary intervention.

  1. Acupuncture – The use of certain acupuncture points on the body along with other acupuncture techniques called moxibustion can help.
  2. Exercises – Do traditional yoga ‘cat/cow poses’, figure 8’s with the pelvis and avoid sitting in low ‘bucket’ seats.
  3. Chiropractic Care – A doctor of chiropractic specifically trained in pregnancy can use a technique called Webster, which uses specific, gentle adjustments to reduce the SI and sacrum dysfunction (the bones where your baby exits the birth canal) and restore optimal function. You can find a doctor in your area that is certified in this technique at

Education is key in knowing how to best treat our bodies in and out of a pregnant state. Ask questions, get informed and gain the knowledge to make informed choices about your health.

Dr. Allyson is a Chiropractor in Yarmouth, ME. A Chiropractor is a doctor that diagnoses and treats muscle, skeletal and joint conditions. The intimate relationships between the spine and nervous system is the focus. Chiropractors help people correct the underlying problems so their body can innately heal from the inside out. She is certified in Webster technique and a member of the international chiropractic pediatric association. For more information, visit: or contact her at 207-846-9499.

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