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Let Your Light Shine

June 29, 2017

Let Your Light ShineThere are seven chakras in our bodies and they are the centers in which energy flows through. Blocked energy in our chakras can often lead to illness, so it’s important to understand what each chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely.

The Solar Plexus Chakra spins just above the navel; it’s color is yellow, and the developmental stage is between 8 months and 4 years of life. The Solar Plexus Chakra reminds us of our power to shine. Like the solar energy of the sun, we have the light within us to grow our deepest desires and most basic needs. Our core being lies gently in our will center and this Chakra is often synonymous with that, as it radiates power from our mid-section.

The Solar Plexus projects confidence, physical strength, a strong will, and a balance of
discipline and determination. It brings self-worth and the enthusiasm needed to manifest our
dreams into reality.

The Root Chakra anchors us to the Earth, the Sacral brings change and movement, and the Solar Plexus gives light and growth to our seeds of desire. It is here we can express individuality, bringing definition to our power.

Signs you may have an overactive Solar Plexus:

  • Overconfidence
  • Extreme extroversion
  • Spending lots of time talking about goals and little time pursuing them
  • Lacking self-reflection
  • Domination
  • Strong personality to cover weak identity
  • Intimidation, bullying and tends to project their shortcomings onto others

Stones for an overactive Solar Plexus:

  • Apophyllite – activates the Crown, brings awareness to the ego, mellows energy that comes
  • from aggression
  • Petrified Wood – brings awareness to past actions and present moment; placed over Chakra center it stabilizes and connects to core
  • Fire Opal – this is water turned to stone; it covers the spectrum of our lives and helps us to pursue our goals in a subtle fashion; brings a calmness and patience to pursuits
  • Spessarite – transmutes aggression to assertion, helps one to be present

Signs you may have an underactive Solar Plexus:

  • Feeling unworthy and undeserving
  • Falling behind the scenes
  • Lacking assertiveness
  • Having trouble making decisions
  • Seeking order from others
  • Tiring easily
  • Lacking discipline or ambition
  • Losing the will to live

Stones for an underactive Solar Plexus:

  • Copper – brings energy, strength, increases will & confidence
  • Citrine – recharges the Solar Plexus with positive energy, strength, & joy
  • Fossilized Sand Dollars – help to open and release blockages, remind us of our purpose, brings out personality
  • Mookite Jasper – nourishes the body, brings physical energy and strength, works with Chakras 1 through 3 connecting them to the spine & giving them a healthy spin
  • Pyrite – brings abundance & consistency, increases willpower, reminds us to have fun & play

Using stones to help bring a chakra back into balance is as easy as putting stones in a pocket that is close to it or by placing it directly on the chakra. There are many stones you can use to help restore balance and health to your chakras. First, you have to be open to the concept of using stones and then learn how to properly use them. I encourage you to make this a part of your journey for whole health.

This is the 5th article is a series of 7 to introduce you to all the chakras

Heather Nichols is the owner and trusted tarot reader, astrology reader and soul retriever of Stones & Stuff, a rock shop, in Portland. Whether it’s a stone, a service or a sense of community gained through our workshops, you will find your authentic self there. Ready to commit to your s#%t? Our team can help! You can reach us at 207-874-0789 or visit our website at: for a list of our services and events. Stones & Stuff is located at 556 Congress Street, Portland, ME.

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