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NES Health…The Future of Healthcare

January 1, 2019

NES Health...The Future of HealthcareI have been seeing people in my thermography practice for 12 years and had noticed over the years that the health of those with chronic complaints continued to deteriorate, few of them got better. Almost all my clients are people who are eating healthfully, non-smokers, supplementing thoughtfully and trying to stay in tune with their bodies. I couldn’t figure out how chronic ailments could happen to a population who were really paying attention to their health. Something else had to be going on that was beyond the obvious factors.

I heard about NES Health from a client and as I looked into it, I understood that the “something” that was missing for people who have chronic complaints, was knowledge of the Human Body Field (HBF).

An easy way to explain HBF is comparing it to a magnet. A magnet is physical; however, it has a field around it that is invisible. We don’t doubt it because we can see iron filings being pulled toward the magnet when they get within range of that field. Scientists have determined that our body has an unseen field of vibrations that plays a crucial role in the functioning of our body. This field can be read or measured with specialized equipment. The collective of these vibrations has been called the Human Body Field.

The excitement for health is what might be possible if we can introduce vibration into the body and influence this field, the Human Body Field, in a positive way. That technology already exists with NES Health thanks to the brilliant and painstaking work of Peter Fraser. Peter was an acupuncturist with a high degree of curiosity and a strong desire to understand the body on a deeper level. He came to call his discovery NES (Nutri-energetic System).

The focus of NES Health is on the body field, not the physical body. However, changes to the body field will affect the body, which is how we get sick in the first place, from disruptions in the body field. NES Health is about detecting what information or frequencies the body is calling for and then giving the body those specific frequencies.

It’s a system where we are able to take the information from the original blueprint of how the body works, when it’s working perfectly, and imprinting that information back into the body, and as we do, the body starts to correct itself and moves back towards that original healthy blueprint.

Different parts of the body hear “Health” in different vibrations and frequencies. The key to NES Health is accurately assessing the frequencies the body is calling for and giving the body those specific vibrations. There is no guesswork with NES Health.

How Does It Work?

In order to read the body field, we use a scanner. It’s a simple device that looks like an oversized computer mouse and in less than 10 seconds, it reads your body field by comparing it to the vibrations of a perfectly healthy body. All this is displayed comprehensively on easy-to-read screens. You can see visually where the body is calling for support.

After scanning, we look to the biggest distortions as the open window to your body field and then provide the vibration/information your body is requesting in the moment.

Based on the results of the scan, we create an individualized program to support the body with two vibrational mechanisms. One is a hand-held Electro-magnetic device call Mi-Health that is used during the office visit and the other is vibrations, or information, imprinted in water called infoceuticals.

The MiHealth is a Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Device (PEMF) that is placed close to the patient during their session in the office. The frequencies that were called for on the scan are accessed and run for a couple of minutes each. We usually focus on at least 10 different frequencies. This device wakes the body up to the new information. They leave feeling relaxed and calm and can begin the take-home part of the program which is infoceuticals.

Infoceuticals are structured water in a small bottle. Each bottle has been imprinted with sound or light waves or a combination thereof to create the desired vibration/information based on the scan results. Some of the names of the infoceuticals are Love, Peace and Chill. Some speak to the vibrations of the heart or lungs, intestines, etc. Another series offers supportive vibrations for the brain. One in particular, called Liberator, is designed to free the mind from repetitive thought patterns that hinder our ability to progress and keep us stuck in endless feedback loops. Even Deepak Chopra says that over 90% of the thoughts we had yesterday we have again today. Ugh! It’s like being on an endless treadmill. Liberator is designed to free the mind from those loops.

What’s involved?
So, to simplify, this is the process… we scan, introduce correct vibrations with the Mi-Health device, take home 5 or 6 bottles of infoceuticals to use as directed during the month. Rinse and Repeat! Come back in one month to scan again, introduce new vibrations with the Mi-Health and take home a new set of infoceuticals to keep the corrective message flowing during the month.

Final Thought
We all use electricity… we don’t fundamentally understand it or know how or why it works, but what we all know is that if we simply “flip the switch” we take full advantage of the benefits electricity offers to improve our lives.

NES Health is difficult to understand and even harder to explain. It is about vibrations and frequencies that we cannot see and how these frequencies affect the Human Body Field, which we also cannot see.

Nevertheless, like we do with electricity, it would be wise to take full advantage of this discovery of the Human Body Field and its application for improved health. You don’t have to wait until you fully understand how NES Health works to “flip the switch”, so to speak, and improve your health.

I’m offering special Q&A sessions at my office in Falmouth in January and February. You’ll find more on that in the calendar section of this issue.

Ingrid LeVasseur, BA, CCT is a certified clinical thermographer who received her training at Duke University. She has been a teacher of meditation for 23 years and spent four years teaching meditation and the principles of Ayurveda under the medical direction of Dr. Deepak Chopra. She founded Inner Image Clinical Thermography in 2006, offering thermal imaging services from her office in Falmouth and other Maine locations as well. She can be reached at 207-781-6060 or through her web site at:

Disclaimer: NES Health is an energetic assessment only. NES Health does not claim to diagnose, cure, prevent, or treat any disease, illness or condition. NES Health and its claims have not been evaluated by any government agency or regulatory organization. If you have a health problem you should be under the care of a licensed medical provider.

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