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The Power of Music

September 2, 2018

The Power of MusicMusic is therapeutic. No matter what emotion you’re experiencing, there’s music out there to either join you where you’re at or point you in a new direction. When you’re down, music can be there to validate the inner turmoil or send in some good vibrations to break it up. When all is wonderful in the world, music can be there to help you flow more fully with the energetic groove of the day. Have you ever been having an “I’m on top of the world” kind of day and then YOUR song comes on the radio? It just kicks it all up a notch. Or have you just ended a relationship and YOUR song starts playing on the jukebox? Well, you can write country songs about that feeling. Music is powerful and can drastically impact our moods and emotions.

Music has, without question, been instrumental in maintaining my sanity level over the years. After going through a divorce in my late 20’s, music is what saved me. Music helped me to better understand who I was as a person. Music allowed me to interact with others in an emotional way when words didn’t quite do it. Music gave me the confidence to move forward in life and express who I was. Music showed me that if I put effort into something that I’ll be rewarded. Music also helped me realize that I needed to be myself. It’s always easier to let an instrument gather dust than to pick it up every day, but I can tell you without hesitation that I am a better person because I play music.

Every one of us is a musician, although society might have you believe otherwise. We’re rhythmic beings and we learn that value of music early in life. As a new person in the world, when you were upset there’s a good chance that someone tried to use a song to calm you down. Music can soothe our souls. As children we’re musically free and are willing to explore, but then judgements can either solidify our course as a musician or stop us in our tracks. If any of these negative experiences have diminished your love of playing music, please leave them in the past and pick up that instrument again. I know when I’m playing music, versus listening to it, I’m driving the emotional rollercoaster. I get the choice to stay on a mellow Sunday afternoon cruise or to push the pedal straight to the floor or groove on something in between. Flexing this creative muscle can do wonders to smooth out some of the rough edges inside of you and help you explore who you are.

As a Reiki practitioner and musician, there are parallels between the healing work that I do and the music that I play. In both situations, the energy and intention that I put into it is what people are going to get out of it. If I want to share happiness and joy with an audience, I need to do my best to embody that feeling while playing the song. Likewise, during a healing session, if I want to share peace and tranquility with someone then I need to feel that. This is why self-care is so important for those in healing professions. Be sure to put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others. Coming from a grounded place, you’re able to give your full self to the practice your engaged in. Music and Reiki both help me stay grounded and they are there to fall back on when I’m dealing with a lot of challenges in life.

With my coaching clients, I invite them to explore their creativity in some way. It doesn’t need to be music, but music has been a steady partner on my own healing journey, so I can speak power of it. Sing your favorite songs, make up your own songs and most importantly have fun. Music is a gift for all of us to explore without fear of judgement. Listening to music is a tremendous experience, but playing music with others brings it to another level of enjoyment because we’re contributing to the song and actively participating. I invite you all to pick up the instrument that’s calling out to you, be free with it, find the song inside of you and share it with the world.

Jeff Arbor is a musician, mindfulness coach and Reiki practitioner based out of Portland who is focused on helping people slow down, breathe deeper and connect more with who they are. He enjoys working with fellow musicians and creative artists but holds a special place in his heart for people that want to bring a sense of calm to their lives in what can be a stressful world that we live in through coaching, speaking and mindfulness workshops. Jeff’s Reiki practice is at 200 High Street, Suite 3B in Portland, but he also is mobile, so he can meet you at your home or office to perform the session. For more information about Jeff, visit:

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