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What is CBD?

February 28, 2018

What is CBDCBD which stands for cannabinol is one of 113 different cannabinoids that can be found in the cannabis plant. The two highest and most studied cannabinoids are tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinol (CBD). THC is well-known for its psychoactive properties, whereas CBD is known for its medicinal properties. These cannabinoids are interactive within the human body through our cannabinoid receptors 1 and 2. CB1 is found in the brain and is the receptor which THC affects most prevalently, given its psychoactive values. CB2 is found in the immune system and is affected most by CBD, which gives CBD an immense value for use in healing the body.

There are 3 types of cannabis plants: industrial hemp, marijuana, and medicinal hemp. Industrial hemp has very low amounts of any cannabinoid and is used primarily in agricultural for things like rope, paper, and fabric. Marijuana is the most common cannabis plant and contains high quantities of THC, as well as other cannabinoids like CBD. People have been using this plant for decades to self-medicate. Medicinal hemp is grown with high amounts of CBD and very low amounts of THC and is used to make CBD products. CBD can be sold legally in the U.S. if it contains less than .3% THC.

CBD is a medicinal product that has proven to be effective for a variety of disorders. Best known for its effects on pain management and mood stabilization, CBD is quickly gaining popularity. CBD is great for dealing with the symptoms of anxiety, insomnia and has been proven to help with seizure regulation. CBD can also help with nausea/vomiting, blood sugar levels, menstrual cramps, bacterial growth and inflammation, just to name a few. With the ability to inhibit cancer cell growth and promote bone growth, the benefits of CBD are endless.

With the Opioid epidemic rampant and with the continued abuse of benzodiazepines (such as valium), CBD serves as a positive alternative. Historically those dealing with pain or pain medicine abuse have used opioids, methadone and suboxone, which all have very low success rates and are highly addictive. Patients who struggle with mental health issues can go years without finding the right benzodiazepine or other form of psychotropic drug to help them. CBD stands as a positive new alternative for patients looking for a more natural approach with few side effects.

Lloyd Kennedy, MHC, SA Counseling, BHP, CPI is General Manager at Soul Being. Soul Being offers a wide selection of CBD products, many sourced locally, ranging from edibles, to tinctures, rubs, salves, bath products and also capsules, including CBD for children and pets. Lloyd holds degrees in Psychology and Business Management and has worked in many roles in the fields of psychiatry, substance abuse treatment and counseling. For more information about Soul Being, visit:

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