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Why Isn’t the Law of Attraction Working for Me?

November 11, 2016

How to Thrive During the HolidaysSometimes we just can’t figure it out. Our lives are not going how we want them to go. We have read the experts’ books, listened to the manifestation CDs, gone to the meditation classes and looked at the spiritual websites. We have all of the tools and everything we need to help us. So why do we still get stuck? Why do things happen in our lives, and in the world around us, in ways that we can’t understand and that are not as we had planned?

Ten years ago, a book called The Secret brought the concept of the Law of Attraction to the masses. And in recent years, the spiritual and personal development field around this law has exploded. Coupled with the shift to a higher consciousness that we are experiencing, this is a wonderful thing. And what exactly is the Law of Attraction? Also known as the Law of Resonance, it is a universal, energetic law (such as gravity) in which our thoughts and emotions create a frequency, like a radio wave. And this vibrational wave attracts similar frequencies, such as experiences, people, things or opportunities, into our daily reality. We actually do this subconsciously all the time! We just are not always aware of its power, for better or for worse.

Maybe you have tried practicing this law in your own life, but have struggled. There are many “how-to” products out there to help us work through the little bits of thoughts that might be coming up that block us, because it is pretty hard to be aware of every single thought. While these tools are important, there are a few pieces that we still often miss. Here are a few I have noticed:

1. Your dream might be coming from your ego vs. your true inner self. Is your dream about getting successful or making more money? If yes, you’re like most of us and that is okay! But it can also be a trap. Often our ego, as opposed to our true inner self, starts to take over. Then we might want to ask ourselves: Why do I want money so badly? Is it to help the greater good and my family or is it for another reason? Of course, it is important to nurture ourselves financially (money is simply one form of something we value), but we must give as well as receive to align with the natural flow of the universe. This flow is within the nature of true love, the heart of all creation. When we become in alignment with this flow, we can then allow money, success and all kinds of abundance to flow in to our lives. And then we can give back with generosity, love and compassion.

2. We are here to learn lessons as humans. People who seem to have it all in life (such as the characters in The Secret) likely had some failures and disappointments along the path to their dreams. They also worked really, really hard to get to where they are. They made conscious decisions along the way to pause, reflect and learn from when they stumbled. They probably got angry and frustrated about it like the rest of us, but then they worked it out and took a step back to allow the lesson to materialize.

We come into each life already having to work on a few things. Since most of us have no memory of past lives or of our soul’s blueprint before conception, it is up to us to uncover what those lessons are as we move through life. Maybe your lesson is forgiveness. Maybe it’s patience. Or acceptance. Usually it is through noticing repeated patterns (a series of broken relationships, dead-end careers or unhappy life situations) that we should step back and attempt to understand why something might be happening. There is a reason for everything; we simply might not understand it right away.

3. We must release control of how our lives unfold. Once we recognize what our lessons might be, we can accept that we cannot consciously control how we will grow through these lessons. Even though we may have a vision for our lives that we believe is aligned with our soul’s purpose, we may not be able to fulfill that dream until we work through our own lessons. It is part of the contract we made with the Divine as part of our soul’s incarnation into this life. Yes, we have free will and can change the course of certain life events through our choices. But too often we think that we are always steering the ship (since our ego is pretty good at doing that in everyday life). Let’s consider that it is a combination of our own choices, along with the invisible force of the Divine, which resides within us and all around us, that is truly guiding the vessel along its journey.

4. There are mysteries in life that can never be understood. The magic of being human is that there is always going to be an element to our existence that we cannot comprehend. Even the most enlightened spiritual master or esteemed scientist on Earth will admit that part of life’s wonder is that the universe continues to teach us something new, and show us something unexpected, every day. As Martin Luther King Jr once said: “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” Most of us will never see the entire staircase of our lives, as much as we may try and that is how it is meant to be.

There are higher forces at play in life, working behind the scenes to help us grow, learn and flourish. Doesn’t that help you breathe a little easier, relax a little more and simply just enjoy life a little bit? Because that’s what life is about: joy, love, laughter and growth. Let’s take a moment to revel in this idea for a while. Doesn’t it just feel better to do that anyway?

A spiritual teacher, practitioner and coach, Rachel Horton White supports those searching for true purpose and fulfillment in their lives through her business, Soulful Work Intuitive Consulting. Along with intuitive guidance sessions, Rachel offers interactive online courses, a podcast of interviews with inspirational figures and meditation classes. Rachel works toward a vision of a world with people aligned with who they really are, listening to their own inner wisdom and sharing love with each other, with animals and with the planet for our collective healing and evolved consciousness.

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