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5 Steps to Physical and Energetic Health

January 2, 2020

5 Steps to Physical and Energetic HealthWhen it comes to taking caring of our health, most people think of caring for our physical body through a healthy diet and exercise. We are all made up of pure energy, however the densest form of this energy appears to us as a physical body. Radiating out of this physical form are different levels of energy bodies, and they too need proper care and treatment. It is proven that diet and exercise are essential for our physical bodies to thrive and function optimally. These same things also nourish our energetic bodies as well. The energy body, which is comprised of an inner and outer aura, chakras and meridian system, is a template for the physical body. Whether our energy bodies are in a healthy state or non-healthy state, the physical body will always match that pattern. A healthy energy body is big, bright and expansive, whereas, an unhealthy energy body is imbalanced with too much energy or not enough energy in various places of the body. Energy imbalances that create an unhealthy physical body come in the form of negative thoughts we have, stressful situations we encounter, being in places that carry toxic energy or eating foods that hold congested or toxic energy. If we take care of ourselves energetically, we are also taking care of ourselves physically.

Whether our energy bodies are in a healthy state or non-healthy state, the physical body will always match that pattern.


  1. Exercise
    Not a big surprise that it is important to move our bodies through exercise. The realization is that if we put our intention on balancing our energy fields first, then our physical body will stay healthy and free of disease whether it is a cold or flu, chronic illness, or aches and pain. Our energy bodies are equipped with a major chakra system that governs each organ and system in the body. We also have many minor chakras throughout the body that assist with taking care of our systems as well. Each chakra is like a spinning fan, whirling counterclockwise to get rid of excess energy and clockwise to bring in healthy energy. When we move our body through exercise or stretching, this prompts the major and minor chakras to begin spinning around expelling unwanted energy. If we do not move our bodies, all of this unwanted energy gets stuck in our chakras, thereby creating energetic imbalances that manifest as disease in our physical body. In general, people report feeling more energized after a workout when they felt sluggish and tired prior. This is because their chakras expelled a lot of stagnant energy during their workout, freeing their system to allow fresh energy to come in and revitalize them.
  2. Food
    A proper diet is necessary to cleanse our bodies physically and energetically. Different foods hold either a low vibrational energy or a high vibrational energy. Choosing foods that have a high vibration, nourish and rejuvenate our physical and energetic bodies. High vibrational foods are those that come directly from the earth absent of chemicals and processing such as organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes. Low vibrational foods are those that are heavily processed such as fried food, packaged food, canned goods, processed meats and dairy products.
  3. Positive Thinking
    Our thoughts, either positive or negative, become part of our energy field as they fill up our cocoon-like structure called an aura. This is the lens with which we see through. If our thoughts are mostly happy and positive than we will see the world that way and attract more joy and peace. If we are continuously thinking negatively about people, places, and things, than we will only see the world from an unfavorable view point. Negativity, worry, and stress carry harmful energy that creates imbalances in our energy body and chakras. If this type of energy remains consistent, then disease will manifest in the physical body whether a healthy diet and exercise program are in place. Transitioning from a negative thought to a positive one first requires awareness of the thoughts as undesirable. One easy shift in thinking can take place just by simply identifying three things to be grateful for in each moment.
  4. Meditation
    One of the ways to flush out negative energy from our chakras and aura is through meditation. Meditation has been proven to calm our minds and nervous system so that we may find inner peace and stillness. The most beneficial meditation is one that activates both the heart chakra and the crown chakra. The heart chakra is the center for emotional love and affection for our friends and family. The crown chakra is the center for divine love or universal love for all. The Meditation on Twin Hearts is one such advanced meditation technique that activates both these chakras, allowing divine energy to flow in through the crown to flush out any unwanted energy.
  5. Salt Water Bath
    In energy healing modalities, salt is known to disintegrate and dissolve negative energy. In Pranic Healing, practitioners use a bucket of salt water during their sessions to throw dirty energy into as they are cleansing their clients. Each day we pick up and attract different energies that stick to our energy bodies. By taking a salt water bath, not Epsom salt, but pure table salt, we can remove, and disintegrate all of this energy resulting in feeling lighter and calmer.

Our physical bodies and energetic bodies are one in the same. By knowing more about how our energy system operates in relation to our physical body, we can more efficiently take care of our health so that we can live free of disease and ailments.

Owner and operator of Embodiment Therapeutic Massage & Energy Healing, Tierney McCarver is a licensed massage therapist practicing in Portland, Maine. Tierney offers many unique ways of combining treatments to heal individuals including Structural Relief Therapy, Medical Massage Therapy, Pranic Healing and PSYCH-K®. Her office is located inside Visibility 1041 Washington Ave Portland, Maine 04103. To schedule an appointment please call, text or email 928.848.7471 or visit:

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