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Massage and Energy Healing For Children

July 2, 2020

Massage and Energy Healing For ChildrenWhen we think of stress and anxiety, we seem to narrow the focus on it being an adult thing. Infants and children are just as prone to stress and anxiety as adults, however, the expression of that stress and anxiety looks different coming from children then it does from adults. With many years of life experience, adults have found various ways of coping with stress that better suit societal norms. Children, on the other hand, lack the constraints of the external world where exact expression of their feelings have not yet been compromised or oppressed. As a mom, I witness my toddler in fits of unknown rage; throwing things, crying, and screaming. In those moments I sometimes wish I felt comfortable enough to let it out like that. What a quick and easy way to dump that negative energy buildup. I may, instead, divert this energy by running a little further on the treadmill, or by eating too much ice cream as a way of coping. Stress and anxiety are a buildup of energy that must be released somehow. Massage and energy healing are two remedies that people can use to alleviate stress and/or anxiety. It not only benefits adults, but children of all ages as well.

It is somewhat uncommon to see parents scheduling massage treatments and energy healing for their young children because again, it seems like more of an adult thing. From infancy on, a wide range of physical and emotional benefits result.

Massage and energy healing can help children who:

  • Have behavioral or emotional issues
  • Struggle in social situations
  • Suffer from a recent loss or life change
  • Have a physical condition such as diabetes, asthma, or chronic pain
  • Experience anxiety and depression
  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Are hyperactive

Benefits of massage and energy healing for children:

  • Aids in child development
  • Increases dopamine (the feel-good hormone) and decreases cortisol (the stress hormone). This greatly helps to regulate anxiety and stress levels that become imbalanced due to family, social and academic pressures.
  • Decreases muscle tension and increases range of motion that can assist in recovering from injuries or preventing them.
  • Improves quality of sleep which provides more energy and increased concentration.
  • Improves mood which results in happier, healthier children.

Energy Healing and Children
The goals are the same when working with children. Just as massage is aimed to help children find physical balance, energy healing works to find balance for the rest of the child. Each person has an energy container called an aura. Within that aura is an energy system comprised of chakras and meridians. The energy system harbors energies ranging from positive to negative. Over time, a buildup of energy is compiled due to traumas, stress, and life experiences that eventually cause illness in the physical body. Energy healing works so effectively with children simply because they have yet to develop this energetic clutter within their system. This makes it quicker and easier to address any issues energetically. Additionally, children respond more readily to energy healing then adults because they are more open to returning to their natural state of balance and harmony. Adults on the other hand, have found defense mechanisms and barriers that allow them to hold on to traumas and pain unconsciously to protect them from further discomfort. These barriers mean it takes longer for the healing process to occur depending on the person.

Energy healing can also benefit babies in utero as well as infants. It can greatly support mothers having a stressful pregnancy, bringing calmness and security to the baby as well as the mother. Infants with colic who are inconsolable can be quickly calmed when certain energy techniques are applied. One advantage of energy healing is the option to receive it remotely, or from a distance. Sometimes children are unable to remain still for long. Receiving a distance healing while they are sleeping or at home in a familiar environment is more optimal for both the parent and child. Energy distance healing is just as effective as having an in-person session since energy connects us all.

Overall, massage and energy healing can promote more contented, balanced children whether they are experiencing specific issues or not. The physical and energetic health of children is equally important for them as it is for adults. Introducing these types of healing to children early on can act as preventative measures to the daily struggles they may encounter as they grow into adulthood. I fortunately have had the benefit of applying massage techniques as well as energy healing with my toddler. There have been many opportunities to utilize these tools with him that have, in my opinion, profound effects. They have ranged from reducing a fever in minutes to calming his body and mind during a sleep regression phase. Of course, massage and energy healing should never be replaced by conventional medicine or be used to diagnose any conditions. They can, however, serve as a great approach to supplementing western medicine in a positive, cohesive way.

Tierney_McCarver_HSOwner and operator of Embodiment Therapeutic Massage & Energy Healing, Tierney McCarver is a licensed massage therapist practicing in South Portland, Maine. Tierney offers many unique ways of combining treatments to help the healing of individuals including Structural Relief Therapy, Medical Massage Therapy, Pranic Healing and PSYCH-K®. Her office is located at the Spiritual Renaissance Center 884 Broadway South Portland, Maine 04106 First floor, Suite 1.
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