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Breathtaking Views of Lake Washington at the Woodmark Hotel

March 30, 2015

At first I wasn’t sure what to expect about having to head out of Seattle to hit our next stop at the Woodmark Hotel on Lake Washington in Kirkland, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a quaint, little community outside the hustle and bustle of the city but within a 10-15 minute drive. When you pull up to the hotel, the first thing you see is the amazing view of the lake. The hotel décor has a crisp, clean, nautical theme to it and is almost pristine, as if just opened. We were greeted with glasses of champagne, because as they say at the Woodmark, “checking in is a celebration.” I certainly had to agree!

Our room had a breathtaking view of the lake and you really feel like you’ve just stepped into your own lake house. The luxurious king bed was one of the best we’ve slept in so far featuring premium ‘Napa Black Label’ mattresses. All rooms are 312 square feet and have luxury bedding, including down pillows, as well as a flat panel TV and desktop computer docking station. The bathroom was stunning with imported Italian limestone, a deep soaking tub and soothing rain shower. Again, it was great to see toiletries in ecofriendly dispensers instead of tubes that are half-used and thrown away. Relaxing, comfortable spaces, plush bed and linens, beautiful views and every morning you’ll wake up, open your eyes and see the sun sparkling off the crystal blue water.

The Woodmark Hotel is part of the Destination Hotels & Resorts collection, which have implemented over 100 environmental initiatives since the inception of the Destination Earth® program in January 2008. The eco-friendly program elements include decreasing energy and water usage, reducing waste, increasing recycling and composting, and purchasing local and organic food and beverages when possible.

After relaxing in comfortable Adirondack style chairs by the lake, we ventured into their signature restaurant, Bin on the Lake for a glass of wine before dinner. With over 40 wines by the glass to choose from due to their special Enomatic machine, some of which are $100 bottles, you could try something local or as far away as Australia!

A stay at the Woodmark isn’t complete without hitting their gorgeous and serene new spa, Still Spa. You can almost hear the waves lapping at the shore while you relax in comfy chairs getting your mani or pedi. The spa has a laid back feel and with all of the amazing treatments, you could certainly spend the better part of the day here. The spa uses only organic products free of irritating preservatives. By choosing organic serums, which are less heavy than organic creams, your pores can breathe easier. It also prevents irritation caused by harsher preservatives or wax build-up. For more information, visit

That night we headed into the Capital Hill area of Seattle for the best dining experience yet at Poppy. Formerly a chef at the Herbfarm (if you aren’t familiar with it, definitely Google it), Jerry Traunfeld’s restaurant brings a new style of dining to the northwest. Jerry’s inspiration comes from the “thali,” a platter served to each guest holding a variety of small dishes that highlights seasonal ingredients, fresh herbs, and spices. It’s a modern northwest tasting menu served all at once.

A meal at Poppy is an amazing feast of the senses. To me, it appeared based on a Ayurvedic perspective where all of the flavors are combined to make an extraordinary meal (sweet, astringent, sour, salty, pungent and bitter). We had the lavender crusted duck leg that was served with tomato, strawberry and sage soup; grilled radicchio, plum and pistachio salad; beets with fennel blossom and walnut; corn and marjoram pudding; watermelon and lime pickle. We also tried the slow-roasted Washington king salmon that was served with lettuce and shiso soup; Tuscan cantaloupe and tomato salad; savoy cabbage with caraway; fingerlings with mint and lavender; and gingered cucumber. Both came with nigella-poppy naan. The best meal we’ve had by far! Unlike most meals in restaurants, where you can be absolutely stuffed but still feel like something was missing, the food made you feel completely satiated and inspired. Visit