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Change as Opportunity & Possibility

January 2, 2020

Change as Opportunity & PossibilityIt has been said the one thing we can rely on in life is change. Thus, it becomes significant to consider what does change mean? More importantly, what does change mean to you? Change has been defined as; to make something different from what is or from what would be; to alter or modify; to become different or transformed; the introduction of novelty or variety (adapted from Change can be challenging, whether it is change that we choose or change thrust upon us. Being mindful and intentional about change we choose in our lives or in our response to unplanned or unexpected change helps to put in place a path toward opportunity and possibility. This leads to the potential of greater satisfaction and fulfillment; taking us out of routine which may no longer serve us, or no longer serve us well. Routine does provide predictability but can also be stifling, or leave one feeling stuck. Acknowledging change, whether by choice or otherwise, as opportunity and possibility provides space for growth.

I have learned in working with multiple clients around ‘feeling stuck’, that this reality is actually quite common, yet many feel so stuck they cannot either conceive of how to make change, or are afraid to do so. I am sharing composite coaching examples of navigating a couple of different life changes through a lens of opportunity and possibility.

The first composite of change is created from coaching work with women in various professional roles. This example is related to several clients in high-level positions yet not feeling fulfilled or satisfied in their role, as well seeing change occurring around them for which they felt they could make no impact. In these situations, the clients could not see a way out and were discouraged looking forward. Through coaching work, much was discussed about their inherent and learned skills and abilities and how those skills and abilities could be used in different ways. Thus, their value and how that related to either their current position or in seeking something different; as in making a change within or outside of their current setting. In each of these situations, the clients shared a greater sense of awareness, a-ha moments and a sense of being freed from feeling stuck. They each became more aware of their value and of how to ‘see’ opportunity and possibility in creating a path forward.

Each made new choices as a result of their coaching experience in seeing change as opportunity and possibility, whether it was within the current setting or outside of it. In each case the individual women, through the ’hard work’ of self-reflection and discovery toward intentional planned choice and action, or response to approaching change, discovered a greater satisfaction and fulfillment, stating that it was not something they felt they could have done on their own. That through the coaching experience, they gained clarity to create different belief systems about their value and a structure for making choices about change; intentional change or how they would respond to change thrust upon them.

Additional equally significant experiences of change occurred in clients who were looking to improve their physical well-being, but again, felt stuck in old habits/beliefs and unable to see or create a way out. Each client had some ideas of change they wanted to improve their physical well-being but couldn’t move forward in putting together a plan for any of their ideas to happen, or be committed and consistent with any potential plan. Through the coaching experience and process of guided reflection and rethinking about the larger picture of their choices toward greater well-being in the future (current self-decisions affecting future self-reality), they were able to clarify a plan and with regular coaching sessions be committed and consistent in carrying out the plan. A bonus was that in becoming successful making change toward improvement of their physical well-being, they as well achieved improvement in their emotional well-being.

As we enter a new year, it is a great time to consider or reconsider what your own potential is for seeing and experiencing change as opportunity and possibility; achieving greater satisfaction and fulfillment in your life whether it is in choosing change or responding to change presented. The power is within each of us. We need to tap into it, gaining greater clarity and making forward movement. How would that be for you? What could your future look and feel like in seeing opportunity and possibility? You have the power within you.

Jayne D. B. Marsh is a Leadership and Life Coach specializing in Life Prosperity (flourishing & thriving) through Personal and Professional Growth. Jayne provides Individual Coaching by phone or in-person with those who have a desire to grow and move forward in their life, uncovering & discovering potential and opportunity, as well small Group Coaching for leaders and business teams in- person or by phone toward achievement of goals. Jayne is trained and certified at the Associate level in Core Energy Coaching by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), and a Master Practitioner in the Energy Leadership Index (ELI-MP); programs certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).