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Does Your Dog Suffer from Arthritis?

July 6, 2015

Solomon’s Seal is in bloom in Southern Maine and it is so majestic and regal, waving in the breeze with its row of beautifully hanging white bulb-like flowers.

Botanical name: Polygonatum multiflorum
Member of the lily family
Native to North America, particularly in thinly wooded areas or shaded areas
Parts Used: Root

The two most popular types of Solomon’s Seal used for medicine are the variegated or solid leaf; both are known to have similar medicinal properties and are known as “True.” They have paired greenish-yellow flowers at the leaf joints that turn to blue berries in the early fall. The “False” Solomon’s Seal grows at the same time in a near location but has the flowers in a cluster at the tip of the stalk that turn to red berries in late summer. Our focus is on the “True” Solomon’s Seal plant.

The signature of the root looks like a spine with knuckles, vertebrae and joints with spiny roots shooting from the sides that resemble nerves in the spine, the white color of the rhizome looks like bones. It grows sideways at a 90 degree angle from the aerial part and must be dug carefully to remain intact.

Medicine is made by tincture (alcohol extract), dried then powdered, as a tea, or used fresh as a poultice for bruising or arthritic joints. The poultice can be done by bruising and chopping the root, boiling in milk (cool), applying to a cloth and wrapping on painful area. Always test the temperature before applying.

Healing Properties of Solomon’s Seal:

  • Anti-rheumatic; reduces arthritic pain, inflammation and infection in the joints
  • Heals open/internal wounds
  • Soothing & cooling to mucous membranes (mucilaginous)
  • Strengthens & tones kidney, heart, sexual organs, digestive tract
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Nutritive agent for the Muscles

The root of the plant is used to strengthen the entire muscular and skeletal system. For ailments within this system it is best to use the tincture:

  • Arthritic Joints
  • Tendons & Ligaments
  • Connective Tissue and Bones
  • Sports Injuries

It can help loosen tight ligaments and tendons as well as tighten those that are loose by adjusting the tension of the connective tissue. This is an action of an adaptogen. For this reason, it is a “go-to” herb for dogs with arthritis; a sprain, slight tear of the tissue and even to correct bone spurs, combines well with other herbs. The tincture is best for healing repetitive injuries, healing from a surgery from the above, or used in combination with other herbs to rebuild cartilage in the joints.

The tea is best when the mucilaginous (demulcent) properties are needed and can be comforting for dogs after birth to soothe irritation in the uterus and vagina. It is also good to help keep a chiropractic adjustment in place.

Solomon’s Seal has a very mild taste making it very palatable for dogs and easy to administer as a powder.

Energy of Solomon’s Seal Flower Essence:

  • Helps to adapt to profound changes
  • Easier acceptance of things in life that have already changed
  • To unblock a behavior that may be stuck in a pattern, forward movement
  • Helps to relax muscular skeletal tension in the body

This can be a great help when adopting a dog for both the person and pet to adjust to their new surroundings and each other. The flowers should be gathered when in full bloom to create the essence.

Harvest should be done in the fall after the berries drop off. The rhizome can be cut up and macerated in alcohol (preferably organic) with water to extract all necessary constituents. Berries are toxic and should not be used or handled.

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