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Does Your Skin Resemble a Plum Or a Prune?

June 28, 2019

Does Your Skin Resemble a Plum Or a PruneYou’re asleep; and you’re having a nightmare. You walk to your bathroom mirror; you look up and you see your face 25 years older than it really is. It’s wrinkled, old and sagging. You think; how did this happen? What could have I done to prevent this? You panic and POOF….thankfully, it was just a nightmare.

Then it makes you think; what will my face look like in 25 years? Well, let’s talk reality and examine the plum and the prune dilemma to illustrate. Let’s start with a very simple question. How does a plum go from looking plump, healthy and vibrant to a lifeless, crinkled prune? Now, most people will say it’s because, “the plum has been dried out.” But if that were the only reason then why can’t you turn a prune BACK into a plum by simply soaking it in water? Sure, after a day or two, the prune may become a little softer, a little soggier but you’ll never fool someone into thinking it’s a plum again. As your body dries out with age, your skin starts to look hollow and limp, which visibly alters the shape and structure of your entire face. Your skin naturally loses volume over time.

Dermal Volume Loss
There is a problem that affects nearly everyone over the age of 35, and keeps getting worse over time. It’s called dermal volume loss. Over time, the plump, soft tissue in and around your face naturally starts to lose fullness and definition. The production of collagen is necessary for a full face. The hollowness that results from aging is the volume loss that happens when collagen production is stunted.

You may not be able to stop this volume loss altogether, but you can replenish lost volume with two substances proven to deeply penetrate the skin when applied topically. They have the unique ability to penetrate several skin layers and therefore provide a super-hydrating and smoothing effect for longer periods of time.

MSM and Emu Oil
New research concludes, MSM and Emu Oil are more of a bombshell discovery for the skin than originally thought. Take a look at these impressive findings.

MSM: The supplement form of MSM (Methyl-sulfonyl-methane) is a white, odorless powder and is most well known for its use as a natural arthritis remedy since it helps to soften the joint tissue and restore flexibility.

This is one of the primary reasons MSM is so effective as a topical skincare ingredient. It is also water soluble, so it will not build to toxic levels.

MSM helps make the skin cells more absorbent and receptive to plumping and hydration. It has a brightening and a luminizing effect on the skin when applied topically. MSM is fundamental for collagen creation. Additionally, sagging skin, wrinkles, and also dry, split skin are all improved. MSM works to fabricate new, solid tissues. MSM can standardize collagen establishment and drastically enhance skin health.

Emu Oil: The best Emu oil must pass a strict certification by a member of the (American Oil Chemist Society). There are different grades and different qualities of refinement. For thousands of years the aboriginal people of the Australian outback have used oil derived from emus; a large, flightless bird, to soothe minor aches, reduce fevers, and wound care. These qualities were largely unknown in the West until 1992 when a particular company began recognizing the potential for a product that could help address many every day skincare concerns.

To understand why emu oil is so good for dry, aging skin and other skin conditions you have to understand your skin’s basic structure and proper function. Your skin has three major components which all work together.

Layers of Skin

We’ll start with the bottom component and work our way out.
The deepest component is the hypodermis, which is fat stored between muscle and skin. This functions as insulation and padding and is also a storehouse for nutrients and energy. Above that is the dermis, which provides structure and support. This averages about 2 mm. thick but thins with age. It’s made of:

  • Structural proteins like collagen: the scaffolding keeping skin plump and wrinkle free.
  • Elastin: a coil like protein that keeps your skin elastic so it can rebound after stretching.
  • Blood vessels: bring oxygen and nutrients to the cells.
  • Lymphatic vessels: carry away toxins and waste.
  • Specialized cells like fibroblasts and masts; hair follicles, nerves and sweat glands all surrounded by a gel-like substance composed of moisture binding compounds.

Layers of the human skin

The top, visible component is the epidermis which is about the thickness of one sheet of paper. The epidermis acts as a protective shield for the body keeping environmental toxins and microbes out while holding moisture in.

How Your Skin Renews Itself
Your skin renews itself completely in about 28 days and begins in the bottom layer of the Epidermis as seen in the picture above. The renewal process works its way through, until it finally reaches the top layer of the Epidermis. The top most layer of the Epidermis (your visible skin) is comprised of dead cells which are gradually replaced with newer cells from below. These newer skin cells (bricks) are held together with fatty acid lipids (mortar). This brick and mortar structure forms a waterproof barrier to hold moisture in and keep invading microorganisms, chemical irritants, and allergens out.

If the integrity of this moisture barrier is compromised, the brick and mortar will start to fall apart so to speak, causing many skin care concerns and of course, aging wrinkled skin. Additionally, as we age, the hypodermis begins to break down as well, contributing to the thinning of aging of your skin.

Emu Oil is a Critical Factor in Rejuvenation

Let’s look at the functions and benefits of emu oil and you’ll understand why it is an all-natural, powerful anti-aging oil for sensitive skin and how it works to help with dermal loss, and relieve skin conditions like acne, rosacea, eczema and more. Emu Oil soaks into your skin and travels deep because it’s so chemically similar to the lipids (mortar) in your skin.

Emu Oil does more than just super-hydrate your skin; it’s packed full of nutrients and is able to deliver them deep where they’re needed. It contains collagen, elastin, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and more to help stimulate the collagen fiber network to regain tone, firmness and elasticity. Studies have shown that emu oil applied twice a day for a 14-day period can plump skin up to 30%, with an overall group average of 14%. Ash – put this bolded in a callout box.

This is extremely helpful for older people with thinning skin that bruises and tears easily as it will help rejuvenate the skin. These nutrients also help young skin stay young for a very long time.

Emu Oil contains compounds called eicosanoids that trigger your body to increase blood flow and oxygenation down to the cellular level. Eicosanoids positively affect the cell allowing oxygen to get into cells and toxins to get out.

Emu Oil contains high levels of ATP, the energy source your body needs to convert nutrients into the specific compounds necessary for many body functions, in this case new cell division.

Emu oil is hypo-allergenic. It’s shown to have almost no side effects. Even at full strength, emu oil has irritation levels so low that they’re the same as putting water on your skin.

Emu oil is noncomedogenic meaning it does not clog pores and will not cause blackheads and pimples. This cannot be said for mineral oil (one of the current, popular carrier oils in cosmetics and rubbing oils) which causes acne outbreaks and skin irritation.

Emu Oil allows your skin to breathe. By this I mean expel toxins. Your skin is one of your body’s major detoxification organs.

Emu Oil is biostatic. Bacteria, virus and fungus will not grow in emu oil. By using our AEA certified pure emu oil you can feel comfortable that you’re not bringing unwanted organisms to open and soft tissues like the inside of your mouth or an open wound.

Emu Oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties. Numerous studies have shown that emu oil relieves joint and muscle inflammation. This same mechanism of removing inflammation from tissue helps relieve redness and swelling associated with acne, rosacea, rashes and irritations. Additionally, by keeping the pathways open, emu oil speeds healing of many inflammatory skin ailments like eczema, psoriasis and other dermatitis and reduces the buildup of scar tissue.

Pure Emu Oil contains a complete balance of essential fatty acids (Omegas 3 & 6) which play a part in almost every function of the human body, including the regeneration of healthy new skin cells. Natural lipids found in Emu oil match that of human skin. Replenishing these lipids helps replenish skin.

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