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EFT: 20/20 Emotional Vision

March 1, 2020

EFT_20/20 Emotional VisionDo you see everything that’s in front of you or are there things that others see that you don’t? If we can’t see something, we don’t think it’s there – right?
That same fact applies to our emotions becoming invisible to us as we push them down into our bodies. Stuffing our emotions down is our only natural human coping skill, unlike wild animals. They have inherent chemistry that allows them to literally shake off the stress from a life- threatening situation. After their predator has retreated, they stand up and shake every muscle in their body releasing a cascade of the stress hormone, cortisol that consumed them when danger first appeared. They simply shake it off and go back to life as it was versus our human response of stuffing it down into our bodies.

“There is no disease that isn’t mental and emotional as well as physical.”
~ Dr. Christiane Northrup


At a very young age we begin to stuff our emotions being taught that reacting is bad and unacceptable behavior. We learn very quickly that it‘s not safe to express our emotions when we genuinely feel Pain, Disappointment, Fear, Shame, Sadness, Joy, Anger, Satisfaction, Disgust, Excitement, Sexual desire, Fear, Horror, Empathy, Calmness, Nostalgia, Confusion or Envy.

Each emotion that we stuff down into our bodies is stored within the Hippocampus, our brain’s memory center associated with learning and emotions. As we ingest these unresolved emotions, they collect within our bodies like a little onion. Each time we’re triggered by a similar or exact stuffed experience, the onion gains another layer growing larger and larger until our body takes steps to get our attention out of its own innate ability to survive and heal.
“There is no disease that isn’t mental and emotional as well as physical.” Dr. Christiane Northrup

In my practice as an Advanced Certified EFT Practitioner, I’ve witnessed the powerful success of EFT Tapping using its gentle approach. I’m sharing these testimonials from clients to let you experience their feelings about the way EFT Tapping has changed their lives.

“Finding Karen and her wealth of knowledge that she shared with me so openly was truly lifesaving. I came to Karen very broken; both physically and mentally. My body had become very ill due to the overwhelming amount of grief and anger that I carried around every day. I thought I was doing OK… Barely hanging on was my normal functioning capacity. Broken was my normal and I couldn’t figure out how to feel peaceful and free again. I had also come to believe that I did not deserve to feel good. Karen gave me hope…over and over and over again until I was able to hang onto it for myself. She helped me work through trauma and pain to get it out of my body, something no one had ever shown me. She gave me tools. She showed me ways to take care of myself and use tapping for all my emotions. Karen kept reminding me that I was doing all this work. That even though I gave her credit and told her I could not have done this healing without her, she reminded me that I was the one who did the work. I had seen many therapists for many years but just could not move beyond a certain point. Karen helped me to move beyond that point, to love and trust myself, and to live!”

   ~ C.W. Yarmouth, ME

Last-ditch effort…
“My experience with EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques has been limited yet more profound over anything I have experienced, to date. Karen has a gift that assisted in placing concrete boundaries that I never dreamed of having the strength to accomplish as I had zero coping skills in place. Having suffered through an addiction, that was my easy button in coping with the trauma and hurt from life. Life may not be easy yet there are techniques which can be used to help us cope and change our processes if need be. I never thought I was necessarily doing things wrong until it was more than apparent that “my way” had never helped. When we finally pass up our way for guidance, we can achieve true energetic healing. Karen has gifted me the opportunity to change, bend and adapt my life in ways that seemed impossible. Quite frankly, the impossible became possible for me and I am now living this opportunity I did not think I would have. I am free from the cords that tied to me to negative people and the trauma caused to me that I didn’t deserve. I did not deserve the way these traumas changed my beliefs and thoughts about this world. Now I choose. I choose what and more importantly, who I associate with in my lifetime and to what degree I allow people to influence my thoughts.

I now have the ability to hold steadfast to new boundaries and am now open to other’s ideas of how this could look if I chose differently. Karen has helped me achieve this perspective. I went into this process as a last-ditch effort in finding something I could align with. This was exactly what I needed. I began using EFT Tapping in all areas of my life. I carried a level of anxiety in my life that was unmanageable and I have worked diligently to relieve this. This technique has been the best one I have ever learned and implemented. My anxiety is gone, along with the negative cords that bound me to the family I have now released. The balance I had been seeking through relationships, outside influences, work validation, all of it, GONE. I have changed and swung a 180 degree turn.
We can change. We ALL can change. Karen will help you smash the fears holding you back from making that next career move. She will help show you the strength within yourself to make a commitment to be positive. Commitment to be successful for ourselves and no one else. LOVE MYSELF and organize my life around ME…not everyone else as I have, historically. Gone, all of it. Not just moved around, it has vanished forever and I am able to move forward in a confident way experiencing joy and happiness instead of fear and pain. Life will hurt, I will feel it and move through it knowing that I will be OK! Let Karen’s guidance assist your movement in these techniques and know you are in safe and gentle hands. I have experienced her Reiki and Tapping and after all sessions, you will leave with this confidence. She gives you the ability to validate YOURSELF! Thank you, Karen. You have never ceased to amaze me and please know that I am forever grateful for your guidance.”

   ~ K.T. South Portland, ME

Karen St. Clair is a highly skilled Advanced Certified EFT Tapping Practitioner, PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Matrix Re-Imprinting Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master of Masters and Founder of Reiki Tap Renewal with a true gift for facilitating her clients’ life-changing outcomes.

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