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Getting to the Root Cause of Clutter

April 27, 2019

Getting to the Root Cause of ClutterAll of us at one time or another can live amongst the midst of clutter. There can be many reasons why the clutter happens in our life but there is truly only one root cause. The clutter could be “situational”. Maybe there is a family member who is terminally sick, or you lost your job, or better yet just got a new job and you are a little overwhelmed. Hence, your home has taken a back burner and the clutter has built up. “Situational” clutter is easily remedied. Once that situation “calms” down, you can get back to the focus of your home and tackle the clutter.

But there is another type of clutter and that is “chronic.” You have lived in clutter all or most of your life. It has become your life style. It overwhelms you and you feel you have no choice but to live this way. I’m here to “debunk” that myth and help you get to the “root cause of your clutter” be it “situational” or “chronic.”

Your mind right now might be flashing through reasons why there is clutter in your life, home, or space. Some of those reasons could be the following, but know this is not the root cause:

  1. You purchase more than you need or have the space for.
  2. You don’t have an organizational system in place, so some items are stored in one place and some of the same items are stored in another. Then when you go to look for that specific item, you cannot find it, so you go and purchase another.
  3. You don’t have proper storage for your belongings, so they are left lying around.
  4. You don’t put items away when you are done using them. Instead of putting the item away you leave it where you last used it. When you do this over and over again, eventually you will have a cluttered space.
  5. You love to shop and use that as a way to bring comfort into your life. Because you keep bringing items into your home but never take any out, eventually you are in the midst of clutter.
  6. You hold onto items that you don’t need, use or even like because you feel guilty parting with it because the person that gave it to you will be upset.
  7. You think you will need this specific item “someday.”
  8. You don’t want specific items, but you want to be sure it gets to a “good home.” So, until you find that “good home” you will hold onto it. Only problem is you never make the effort to find that “good home.”
  9. If I put this (you name it) away, I’ll forget I have it or will forget to deal with it.
  10. You let your mail pile up and hardly deal with it.

This list is about 10 reasons/issues that can bring on clutter, but we have not discussed the root cause. This root cause applies to both situational or chronic disorganization/clutter. It’s simple and basic but one that people have a hard time looking at.

What is the root cause? You have made the decision that you will not do anything about the clutter and disorganization that is in your environment. That indecision started at the beginning of the development of your clutter.

We tend to put the blame of issues or problems in our life or circumstances on people. I see this over and over in working with individuals regarding their clutter or disorganization. So many times I hear, “this is my husband or wife’s fault,” or “these children of mine”. Yet when we start going through the clutter it truly doesn’t have anything to do with the individual they are blaming.

The root cause is that simple and basic. Once you take ownership of the root cause of your clutter, healing can begin. Once you take ownership of the situation you have gotten yourself into, you will feel empowered to make changes. You may not know how to begin or even how to create organizational systems and that’s ok. The decision that you are responsible for the clutter and disorganization that you live with will give you the peace and power to move forward and find someone that can help you make these changes. Take ownership. Don’t continue to blame others for your circumstance. Feel empowered to begin a journey of peaceful living in your life and in your space.

Did a light bulb just go off for you? Do you now feel a sense of freedom that you can now move forward with change? Reach out to me at: or 860-874-8515 and let’s have a chat on phone over a cup a tea…that’s my gift to you!

Regina Sanchez is a Certified Health, Wellness & Organizational Coach who has been coaching clients since 2013. She works as a peace maker, chaos eliminator and life giver. As a Health, Wellness and Organizational Coach, Regina helps people transform their health, and their living space into something that will enhance their life and their purpose.