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Heal Your Birth ❦ Heal Your Life

July 2, 2020

Heal Your Birth Heal Your LifeHave you ever thought about your birth experience and wondered what it was like? You were at your birth, but what do you remember about it? If there’s nothing coming up in your conscious mind right now, that’s perfectly normal but it doesn’t mean that you were unconscious before you were born. Quite the contrary, a pregnant mother shares every hormone that is expressed in her body with her unborn child, good or bad, as if they are one. The baby thinks of the mother’s body as its own body. This hormonal language informs the baby’s implicit memory with the information needed to survive. If a mother feels any level of stress, cortisol and adrenaline course through her bloodstream and are transferred to the baby through the placenta; the same process occurs with oxytocin, the love hormone. What Mom feels, her baby feels.

I am an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner and within my practice, I often witness just how powerful our implicit memories are in utero. A woman called me to make an EFT appointment because she had been dealing with feelings of, “not being good enough” for her whole life and couldn’t find anything that had worked to help her stop those nagging thoughts.

We connected via Zoom for our first EFT session and I could see that she was a highly-organized person with a passion to keep all of her ducks in a row on the outside but on the inside where her emotions were stored, things were not so together.

Since we knew that this had been troubling her for as long as she could remember, I asked her what she knew about her parent’s relationship at the time of her conception and her birth. She didn’t have many facts but did have some anecdotal family stories that she had heard over the years. This being in the 1950’s, communication wasn’t high on her family’s radar and left her with very little to go on.

She suddenly perked up and said, “I remember a story that was told over and over at family gatherings about my Dad when he found out that my Mom was pregnant with me. He boldly stated that he wanted a boy and his name would be Richard! Then everyone would point at me and start calling me little Richard and laugh. My sister was two years old when I was born, so I guess it’s every man’s wish to have a son.” As these last words left her lips, tears began to run down her cheeks and through the tears she added, “And when my Mom went into labor, a neighbor had to go out and pull my Dad away from his trout fishing trip! I feel sorry that my Mom didn’t have the support that she needed during that time.” At that moment, our tapping script was decided. We started the session with, “Even though my Dad wanted a boy and it makes me feel like I’m not good enough, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

As we tapped on all of the meridian points, she was beginning to unravel why she had never felt good enough. From her third trimester in the womb she had heard the words “I want a boy” over and over followed by Mom’s stress reaction of an adrenaline rush. That sequence of events was a signal to her that it’s not safe outside the womb. All she knew about her actual birth was that it had been very difficult and the doctor delivered her with stainless steel forceps. Her Mom would recount, “Every time you cried the forceps marks would pop out on your forehead in a deep pink V shape.” EFT Tapping was beginning to shine a light on the beliefs that she entered into the world with. She had relied on her Mom’s every breath but now she was here in her own body and had to figure out how to navigate this big world with the emotional drumbeat of “I’m not good enough” echoing in her subconscious.

We tapped on these feelings and were able to reduce her level of stress to a point where I asked, “If you could have written the script for your time in utero and directed your birth, what would it have been like?” After a long pregnant pause, she smiled and said, “My Dad would talk to me for months in utero, telling me how excited he was about meeting me and loving me…just for me. My Mom would sing songs to me while she was cooking and rocking my sister. I would’ve felt like I was part of the family the whole time,” as her tears returned.

Our tapping session had brought her into perfect position for my next question, “Would you like to rewrite your birth experience to the way you just described it and release those old feelings of not being good enough?” With a look of anticipation deep within her eyes she said softly, “yes.” As I led the tapping rounds exactly as she had described them, she closed her eyes to clearly envision her rebirth experience wrapped in unconditional family love.

With each round, I watched her body relax more and more and listened to how her voice shifted to a slower cadence that was like hot fudge melting down over vanilla ice cream.

I brought the tapping round to a close and had her sit in silence for a few minutes. When she was ready, she opened her eyes as if she was in a whole new world. She looked at me and shared, “I feel so much lighter! My body feels completely at peace and I don’t have any feelings of not being good enough…it’s completely gone.”

If it’s your time to release reoccurring problems or you need help figuring out what’s holding you back from a successful life, contact me today and set up a free 20-minute EFT Tapping phone consultation. or 207-878-8315.

KarenStClair_HSKaren St. Clair is a highly skilled Advanced Certified EFT Tapping Practitioner, PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Matrix Re-Imprinting Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master of Masters and Founder of Reiki Tap Renewal with a true gift for facilitating her clients’ life-changing outcomes.