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Healthy Snack for Maine Adventuring

June 29, 2018

Healthy Snack for Maine AdventuringWe certainly do not have to leave our beautiful state to find adventure here in Maine and summer brings many opportunities for many outdoor adventures. You can take a quick hour break or go on a day trip or weekend adventure to explore all that Maine has to offer. From the ocean to the lakes and rivers to mountains and numerous easy or challenging trail hikes, there is something for everyone!

Do you enjoy getting out on the water? Check out kayaking with Portland Paddle or Scarborough Marsh Audubon Center where you can rent kayaks and go on guided adventures.

If you’re more of a land adventurer, you’re in luck because hiking, running and biking trails are everywhere! Look at the many preserves, trails, parks, shoreways and mountains from York County, Casco Bay, Midcoast, Acadia National Park, Downeast and Northern Maine.

The opportunities to get outside and engage in activities is endless. You just need to explore your options and then make a plan to do it!

For me, food is a big deal when I’m off adventuring because I want to make sure to sustain my energy. Here are some of my favorite go to snacks.

Granola from Wildflours Bakery in Brunswick and the grain free granola and assorted trail mixes from Grandy Oats, made in Hiram are delicious, healthy options. A R.e.d.d. Bar is a tasty energy bar with many flavors without fillers or preservatives. An all-natural alternative to electrolyte water to stay hydrated is Ultima Replenesher electrolyte powder that comes in single servings so it’s easy to just pour into your non-plastic water bottle.

I also usually pack cashews, sweet potato chips, berries or an apple. If it’s a longer day, I’ll add raw veggies, nut butters and hard-boiled eggs. The trick is to keep it simple and prepare. When you nourish yourself with fresh air, exercise and healthy food your body will thank you for it. We have to take care of our bodies for it is indeed the only place we have to live.

Tammy Nonni is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and the founder of the Mudly Crue Adventure Group where she organizes adventures to encourage people to get outside and explore. For more information, visit: the Mudly Crue Adventure Group on Facebook at: or Tammy Lynne, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach: You may also contact her at: