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How to Build Passive Residual Income for your Holistic Business

May 13, 2015

After working with hundreds of holistic practitioners, we’ve discovered 7 easy steps to increase your revenue streams and attract new patients/clients. You can only see so many clients in one day and I bet you’re tired of trading time for money. Learn to develop passive and residual income streams so you can take a vacation. By following these proven techniques, you will add $10,000 to your monthly revenue.

Learn how by attending our newly released workshop for holistic practitioner and business owners. You’ll get to work one-on-one with a direct marketing expert who will help you design a winning marketing campaign. Below are a few of the nuggets of wisdom you gain just by attending.

1. Differentiate yourself from other experts. What is the core message you want to teach? What do you love and excel at?

2. Show credibility and connection. Discover how to inspire through stories. Are you a role model, researcher or results-getter? Learn how you use testimony to drive response and how you build relationships and trust through delivering quality content consistently.

3. Implement strategies with excellence. Explore how you improve people’s lives. What are your 5 core values? How do you do what you do?

4. Create information products for value and revenue. The 3 C’s: Consistent Content Constantly. What is new and cutting edge in your industry? Learn how to present your information differently from another expert.

5. Create your unique sales process. Create online websites that add value, capture leads and generate revenue. Discover how to attract your potential customer’s attention and keep it? What should you give away to increase followers and site visits?

6. Integrate your social media presence. Learn which social media platforms YOU should be using based on your niche and demographic. Find out how to minimize time spent on posting and managing your social media sites and learn when to use audios and videos on social media.

7. Implement a system and structure. Gain knowledge about platforms to use to handle online sales and how you can use automated processes to create passive, residual income. Easily create autoresponder messaging, landing pages and shopping carts.

Is That All We Know About Building Residual Income?

Of course not. But we only share that knowledge with clients who attend our workshop. There are very limited seats due to the personal attention we give to each participant. Because we give away free top-producing web design layouts, the best way to write articles that position you as an expert, and information on how to own the “right” domain name, design effective email marketing campaigns and how to best use us as your marketing partner, these workshops fill up fast!

Email or to reserve your seat by May 10th.

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