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Know Your Ayurveda Body Type for Optimal Health

March 1, 2020

Know Your Ayurveda Body Type for Optimal HealthEveryone has a unique Ayurveda body type, also called doshas, which is a natural disposition for how the body reacts to and synchronizes with behavioral and environmental conditions. For instance, some people may not gain weight after eating more than what is required, yet some people will gain or retain extra weight even when eating small quantities of food. With Ayurveda, we understand that each of us is unique, and by being informed about our unique disposition, or Ayurvedic body type, we will be more likely to benefit from the practices and wellness choices we make. If you are wondering what your Ayurveda body type is, we have developed a dosha quiz on that will introduce you to your dominant dosha and help you begin the path of understanding what foods and practices compliment your body. Here is a little information about the three types:

Pitta represents the energy of metabolism in the body. All metabolic processes, including digestion, absorption, and nutrition, among others, are made possible by this Ayurveda body type. Pitta is associated with the small intestines, the liver, spleen, and pancreas as well as the eyes. It leads to deep feelings of contentment and willpower when in balance. When out of balance, it can cause ulcers, anger, and jealousy.

Vata facilitates the energy of movement, which is why it is associated with wind and air elements. All motions in our bodies, for instance, blood circulation, heartbeat, breathing, and blinking, among others, are made possible by this body type. People born with Vata dosha are often active and can communicate and express themselves naturally. They are fast to learn and are lively. When in balance, people are creative and energetic. However, when out of balance it can produce fear and anxiety, mood swings, and impulsion.

Kapha is associated with the earth and water elements. It controls growth and supplies water to all parts of the body. It is responsible for maintaining immune systems, hydration, and skin hydration and protects the joints and tissues. When in balance, Kapha people express nurturing, forgiveness, and compassion. But when out of balance, a Kapha dominant may feel insecure, envious, or greedy.

Nariveda is an Ayurvedic* Supplement Company founded by Nirmal Yogi, who has been an Organic Chemist for 40+ years and a devout practitioner of Ayurveda. He developed and formulated Nariveda’s powerful Elixirs leveraging his years of experience. His son, Adrian, has a background in high-tech, fast-growth startups, and together, they have thoughtfully created Super-Dense Adaptogenic Nutritional Supplements.

Nariveda Supplements For Energy & Vitality

Cardio Veda delivers a concentrated dose of essential heart-friendly nutrients with ancient Rasayana Ayurvedic adaptogenic herbs to help keep blood platelets smooth, so your blood and body both move freely and smoothly. It is designed with ingredients that are known to specifically provide direct support for the transport and oxidation of fatty acids into the mitochondria, providing an essential source of cardiovascular energy.

Cardio VedaCardio Veda increases circulation, supports healthy blood lipid levels, optimizes mitochondria function, increases blood flow to your working muscles, boosts your immune function, and is highly absorbable.
Cogni VedaCogni Veda promotes mental clarity, memory, mood stability, and sustained mental energy. This is one of their most popular elixirs. Cogni Veda contains the most patented and clinically researched brain nourishing ingredients that cannot be found together in any other product.

Cogni Veda contains comprehensive Ayurvedic herbs necessary to activate and optimize brain-lymph (Glymphatic System) for deeper detoxification. Super-antioxidant and anti-inflammatory neuronal protection from Alpha GPC® Curcumin C3 Complex®, Cognizin®, and Veg. Omega 3 from algal oil. Cogni Veda increases mental energy, improves your memory and focus, elevates creativity, and supports healthy brain function and detoxification.

Prana VedaPrana Veda can provide stimulant-free, all-day energy and vitality. You will look and feel younger, optimize your metabolic function, and support new cell formation. Prana Veda is a superior alternative to the jitteriness of caffeinated energy drinks. This elixir is a nutrient-dense multivitamin packed with flavonoids, phenolic compounds, essential micro minerals, amino acids, and specialized bio-actives to ward off the negative effects of aging at the cellular level, rejuvenate cellular energy output, and promote mitochondrial health.
Prana Veda is formulated with more than 90 plant-based, highly studied adaptogenic herbs paired with a first-of-its-kind, bio-stabilized, plant-based Omega 3 derived from algal oil. This Ayurvedic powerhouse delivers everything your body needs to function and perform optimally. Users of this product proclaim its energy-boosting effects. One ingredient, Shilajit, is known for its energy and libido-enhancing properties. Another herb, Ashwagandha is known as the full-body rejuvenator.

Each bottle of Nariveda sold buys one child a week’s worth of meals at the Maitreya School in Bodhgaya, India, a school benefiting improvised children.

Father and son founders, Nirmal Yogi and Adrian Patel-Delaloye created the Nariveda line of liquid plant-based elixirs. Nirmal Yogi developed and formulated Nariveda’s powerful Elixirs leveraging his 40+ years of experience as an organic chemist and a devout practitioner of Ayurveda. Adrian’s background is in high-tech, fast-growth startups. When his father approached him to be involved in the world’s first liquid-based Ayurvedic nutraceutical company, he quickly signed up. He spearheads brand development, growth, and other quality assurance tests all of Nariveda’s elixirs.