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Monetize Your Mission …Through Marketing Your Solutions

January 1, 2019

Monetize Your Mission Through Marketing Your SolutionsNew Year’s resolutions come in all forms . . . from losing weight to finally having a profit in your holistic business. I will leave the weight loss resolution to the other experts in this magazine. But how about making a profit in your holistic business in 2019?

Customize first . . . then Monetize

If this is the year that you truly (not just casually) desire to finally be profitable in your business, then there are critical points you must address. You need to Customize Your Mission before you can Monetize Your Mission. Stating the obvious: you are the ONLY one who can manifest abundance in your own small business. There is no corporate entity writing you a paycheck or covering your benefits. Therefore, before you can monetize your mission, you must be very clear on the following Customize Your Mission topics.

1. What is your Soul Mission?
In other words, what did your Soul comes here to learn? Ask yourself: Over the course of your life, what unique experiences and education have shaped you into who you are today? When you take your Soul directed wisdom and teach others through service and leadership you align with your Soul Mission. This creates a level of excitement (or resonance) in your vibration that attracts in ideal clients and customers.

2. What are your stumbling blocks to success?
Everyone experiences success blocks, like not feeling good enough or comparing ourselves to others or perhaps even holding regrets about leaving your daily-grind/bread-and-butter job. The Universe cannot provide you with financial flow if you are not maintaining a positive vibration aligned with receiving and allowing. Ask yourself: What are the negative thoughts and beliefs which have led you to actions which have lowered your energetic vibration?

3. Are you an Ambassador for your work?
When a prospective client or customer looks at you – do they say, “I’ll have what she’s having?” It is important to be a living testament to the positive impacts of your products and services. Your clients want to see that you not only talk the talk but walk the walk! For example, in my coaching practice, if I momentarily lapse into not holding high standards with impeccable integrity for my own success, in those moments, I find that the clients I want to attract (ones who desire true success) can’t vibrationally find me.

It’s ALL about Vibration
Everything (and everyone) is comprised of vibration. Therefore, in order to create a resonant vibration that attracts in your ideal clients, your vibration must be raised to a frequency that is aligned with that of your success vision. Raising your vibration can be achieved by having a clear understanding of your mission, removing blocks to success, living your work plus maintaining a healthy vessel, a clear mind and an open heart. My responsibility is to help you recognize your success vibration and help you discover ways to achieve it.

Ready, Set, Monetize!
Once you’ve found your vibrational “sweet spot”, you are ready to take the tangible, necessary steps to Monetize Your Mission. Trying to make a living when you are not emotionally, spiritually, mentally or physically prepared, sets you up for epic frustration. Can you imagine yourself having a wonderful set of offerings, creating a marketing strategy and managing your finances in a professional manner?

When you do whatever is necessary to raise your vibration, then money flows to you, then you get more excited and more money flows and finally, you become profitable. How about amending your New Year’s resolution to be, “I will do whatever is necessary to raise and maintain my vibration so that I can easily attract in abundance.”

Here’s your first opportunity to make 2019 your year! Visit: to set up a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL 20-minute Discovery Call with me and we will explore together!

Robin Clare is an experienced corporate MBA, non-profit administrator and holistic entrepreneur. Robin is the creator of the Divine Freedom Formula™, a three-tier approach to fulfilling you Soul Mission across your personal, professional and community life. Robin is an advanced Akashic Record reader and a certified 13th Octave La Ho Chi energy healing practitioner. Robin won 10Best in Natural Nutmeg’s Readers Poll for BOTH Life/Business Coach and Energy Healer. She is the author of Messiah Within and the Amazon Best Selling spiritual book, The Divine Keys. Robin guides others to live their Soul Mission, remove their success blockers and create strategies for life and business success. Robin is available to speak to your community. To learn more about Robin, please go to: or call 860-232-3331.