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Was That a Spiritual Set-up?

January 2, 2020

Was That a Spiritual Set-upWhen I first began my spiritual journey, I declared that my spiritual mantra was, “Bring it On!”. This has resulted in a spiritual journey with many wonderful miracles and many difficult healing moments. It seemed like each time that I wanted to go deeper on the journey, the Divine would come in with what some might call a “test” to see if I was ready.

Recently, a client told me about a series of experiences in her life that impacted her down to her very core. Her sharing included unbelievable moments that could have come right out of a movie. Everything in her life shattered into a series of disturbing circumstances. At first, I thought I was just listening to a series of unfortunate events, but as we left that conversation and went to the next one I began to understand what had happened. I responded with, “Perhaps, you experienced a spiritual set-up.” I do not believe that the Divine is testing us, but I do believe that they will give us situations in our life that show us how ready (or not) we are to move into the next level of our journey.

In the next part of the conversation, she said to me, “I want to include the Eight Limbs of Yoga in my book that I am writing.” These Sanskrit teachings are core principles that serve as a compass for living a meaningful and purposeful life. It was as if the Divine said to her, “If you want to teach the Eight Limbs of Yoga, you must be living them first.” In other words, she must be vibrating at the same level as the teachings, in order to teach them. The series of unfortunate events all clearly showed her that her life was not in alignment with the teachings and now she had to make a choice. If she chooses to recommend these high energy teachings as a solution to the problem she was writing about, she will continue to experience life opportunities to raise her vibration.

If she chooses to change her life, not only will the teachings come with ease, but she will also grow substantially on her journey. This level of commitment to her spiritual journey requires a deep promise to herself to do whatever it takes to hold the vibration of what she is teaching and what she wants to accomplish in her life. This is never an easy path, but an exceptionally rewarding path. Most people are afraid of this level of commitment because they fear what they might lose in their lives. What I have personally discovered is that the right people in our life will take the journey with you, they will commit to growing in their lives and they will honor and respect your decisions by living in alignment with your required standards.

In essence, you don’t have to give up your life, but you have to set your standards and hold them with impeccable integrity. One of my teachers once said to me, “Those who are meant to take the journey will rise in vibration with you, perhaps not in the same way, but they will show consistent growth. Those who are not ready to grow with you, will fall away from your life.” Those words have sustained me over many periods of spiritual growth in my life. As a spiritual author, I have to share many of my spiritual set-ups in my books. This is my commitment to write books that are truly authentic and transparent. Beginning in 2020, I will be expanding my business to include coaching for spiritual authors.

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Robin Clare is the creator of the Divine Freedom Formula™, a three-tier approach to fulfilling your Soul Mission across your personal, professional and community life. Robin is an experienced corporate MBA, non-profit administrator and holistic entrepreneur. She is an advanced Akashic Record reader, a certified 13th Octave La Ho Chi energy healing practitioner and a coach for spiritual authors. Robin won 2017-2019 10Best in Natural Nutmeg’s Readers Poll for BOTH Life/Business Coach and Energy Healer. She is the author of Messiah Within and the Amazon Best Selling spiritual book, The Divine Keys and her upcoming book, Feast & Famine. Robin is available to speak to your community. To learn more, please go to: or call 860-232-3331.