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You Can’t Get Any Greener than the Lovely Saranac Lake Inn

June 28, 2019

You Can’t Get Any Greener than the Lovely Saranac Lake InnSaranac Lake, nestled in the Adirondack Mountains in far upstate New York, started drawing people in the late 19th century. Interestingly enough, this town is known as a “healing” town as many visitors were looking for more than just a travel escape. They had tuberculosis, and in the days before antibiotics, the standard treatment was the “fresh air cure,” or sitting outside in the clean mountain air for extended periods in the hopes of recovering. On my first visit there, I could definitely see why – it is an absolutely stunning part of the country.

I was excited to stay at the beautiful and peaceful Gauthier’s Saranac Lake Inn. While there are many ecofriendly lodging choices in the US, what owner Daniel Brownell has done with this property is truly amazing. Established in 1923, Gauthier’s Saranac Lake Inn was a fixture of Saranac Lake, and one of the first lodging properties in the Village. Situated on the lake, families and friends found Gauthier’s to be the perfect place for an ideal Adirondack vacation. Over time, the property grew with additional buildings built in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The original charm of the establishment has been maintained down to the giant Elvis statue, with the retro feeling of its history and an eco-conscience twist. Our room was a gorgeous and spacious lakefront room with a four-post king size bed and organic linens from Ralph Lauren. The suite featured a balcony overlooking Lake Flower, complete with signature Adirondack chairs. I was beyond grateful to wake up to the serene beauty of that lake each morning.


The Saranac Lake Inn Green Program was created in order to maintain an eco-conscious mindset and create a safe and clean environment for guests, all while positively impacting the environment. The resort is the recipient of Audubon International’s Platinum Eco-Rating, the highest rating in North America, and it’s easy to see why. It remains the only green lodging in Saranac Lake.

Here are just a few of the incredible things Daniel has implemented:

• Installed a living wall, native gardens, rain water gardens, and river stone and soil drainage system
• Installation of toilets that average only 1.6 gallons per flush
• Low-flow shower heads that still pack a punch
• Utilize rain and lake water for watering gardens
• Solar cover and panels to heat the pool
• Installed shut off valves in rooms to reduce energy use while not in use
• Receive all power from American Green Power
• In room recycling bins and recycling throughout the resort
• Paper wrapped bath products
• Bee Kind bath amenities
• Recycle and donate all furniture and building materials
• Use recycled plastic resins to seal decking and docks
• No use of Styrofoam
• No chemical or pesticide use on property and pool
• Green cleaning products
• Zero fume paints in all rooms
• Participate in Clean the World program
• Serve only Organic Fair Trade tea
• Organic linens and sustainable fabrics in every room
• Pillows are filled with recycled hypo-allergenic fiber

Here’s the best part – they offer discounted rates to guests who arrive via a non-gasoline mode of transportation and preferred parking for electric vehicles!

Gauthier’s Saranac Lake Inn is a place that definitely needs to be on your bucket list. You’ll feel great supporting a property that has so many thoughtful ecofriendly initiatives, while relaxing and rejuvenating on peaceful Saranac Lake.

Submitted by Dr. Diane Hayden.
Gauthier’s Saranac Lake Inn
488 Lake Flower Avenue, Saranac Lake, NY 12983